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For over three decades, NovaFit has been the choice of professionals for high-quality medical and laboratory consumables.

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NovaFit products are designed to meet the precise needs of medical offices, offering a wide range of high-quality consumables that ensure a sterile and efficient environment.


NovaFit provides an extensive range of products, from basic consumables to more advanced instruments and equipment, designed to enhance the efficiency, safety, and quality of medical care.


NovaFit is dedicated to supporting polyclinics with high quality products that facilitate an efficient workflow and ensure a high standard of care and safety for patients and medical staff alike.

NovaFit offers verified and certified products to ensure unparalleled performance in the medical field

Our mission is to ensure that every medical entity is equipped with the necessary products to provide exceptional medical services and conduct cutting-edge research, with a primary focus on the health and safety of patients.

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Our products are designed to ensure a high standard of care and protection.


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Essential products that support laboratory research and analysis with precision and reliability.


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